Exposing localhost to the Internet


I needed to test some HAProxy and Let’s Encrypt stuff, and it was easiest to just test it on my development machine, so I wanted a way to quickly and easily expose ports 80 and 443 from my laptop. Here’s my brief survey of what I found.

My requirements:

Given that, my best prospects are:

I did try http://localhost.run/. It works with just SSH. I see no mention of terms of use. I ended up not using it because it only wants to forward port 80, though they seem to provide you with HTTPS on their own. (I need 443 passed in to me.) Defaults to ${your_ssh_user_name}.localhost.run for the host name.

My requirements excluded the following self-hosted alternatives:

I judged these alternatives not worth my time because they didn’t meet my requirements, or because they were confusing, or because they looked like more work than some of the services I had already found: